A Journal of the FSU Women's Soccer Team in Frostburg, Maryland, USA


This is a journal of what's happening in the FSU Women's Soccer program at Frostburg State. Thanks for checking in and for your interest in FSU Women's Soccer!

Oct 31, 2009

A good post-season win at home

Conference Quarterfinal: FSU 4, Hilbert 0.
A bit of a slow start tonight but our pressure on Hilbert eventually paid off as we scored twice in each half for a comfortable home win to start our conference tournament. Our forwards Lauren Russell and Amanda Wharton traded first-half goals before Russell assisted Wharton for a 2nd after halftime. Christine Fitzgerald then crossed a dangerous ball into the goal box that resulted in a well-deserved tally for Olivia Winant. Our team also earned its 5th consecutive shutout giving us 14 on the year. We'll host the AMCC Semifinal on Wednesday...

Oct 29, 2009

It's Playoff Time!

The most important part of our season is now here and we've earned the opportunity to play as many as 2 home games beginning Saturday. The winner of the AMCC Conference Tournament earns an automatic qualification to the NCAA Championship Tournament. The team is excited and ready to play as many more games as we can. We invite you to come see us play or follow our live stats on our official website at FrostburgSports.com

AMCC Conference Tournament
Sat., October 31 - #7 Hilbert at #2 Frostburg St., 4:30p

Semifinal - Wed., November 4
Winner of Pitt-Bradford/Medaille vs. Winner of Hilbert/Frostburg St.

AMCC Final: Sat., November 7
at highest remaining seed

Senior Profile- Kaleigh Herring

-Majoring in Exercise and Sport Science and will pursue Graduate School and wants to work for Gatorade
-Would love to eventually live in Colorado or Florida
-Favorite food is Maryland Blue Crabs (with lots of Old Bay)
-If she could, would like to have met John Lennon and Robert Kennedy. I feel as though the two of them had such a great impact on society then and now.
-Favorite Soccer Moment - It’s hard to narrow down but watching a girl sub herself into a game, to staying in the classiest hotel in Niagara Falls, to all the bus rides and stories shared, to all the championship games we’ve experienced; but if I had to pick one big event it would have to be our trip to Costa Rica.
-Most Rewarding thing about playing college soccer –probably the day my roommate and I received a personal letter from the President of our University telling us what an honor it was to have players like us representing the school. It was this letter that made me realize how respected we are as college athletes and students.
-Advice for future players at FSU - the best piece of advice I could give is to enjoy your time in college, live it up, and have fun. Never look back and have no regrets!

Oct 24, 2009

Senior Day 2009

Seniors Stephanie Gwinn, Lauren Lentine, Kaleigh Herring, Christine Fitzgerald, and Kelly Sanzone celebrate Senior Day with their parents in the FSU Stadium on Saturday.

Oct 21, 2009

Senior Profile- Christine Fitzgerald

-Majoring in Management and plans to find a job soon and help manage a company some day.
-Would love to eventually live in the South or somewhere away from the city
-Favorite Food is anything sweet and/or greasy, most fast food, but most of all CHIPOTLE!!
-Would want to meet Sarah Palin. She is a very strong and respectable person.
-Favorite Soccer Moment - all the overnight trips & bus rides with the girls, they always brought everyone closer and were always a good time.
-Most rewarding thing about playing college soccer - staying in shape all throughout college.
-Advice for future players at FSU - One piece of advice I would give to the incoming girls would be to keep going even when you just want to sit down and quit, you never know when it will be your chance to shine. Always work as hard as you can and don't ever walk away saying you could have worked a little harder. Leave everything you have on the field.

Grinding out a home win

Sometimes the goal just seems like it has a shield over it that is keeping balls we shoot from going in! Tonight was a bit frustrating as we took 25 shots but only put 1 in the net but 1 was enough. Cassie Donohue was our hero as we finally banged in a 2nd ball on a set play. Being able to grind out home wins with the stress that comes with a 1 goal game is a still a very good sign. We look forward to celebrating our Senior Day this weekend!

Oct 18, 2009

Last Buffalo trip.....

Depending on our seed in the AMCC Tournament, we've hopefully made our last trip to the Buffalo/Niagara region for the year. Interesting, that for the first time in 3 years traveling to the schools at the top of our conference, the weather was actually better in Buffalo! We had a nice cool evening visit to Niagara Falls late on Friday and our game Saturday was cold and cloudy but the field was in good shape and firm enough to put passes together. For the 9th game this year, we had both of our forwards score at least one goal each. Our team was ready to play, kept possession well, and executed in the final third throughout the game. An important conference match coming up on Wednesday at home...

Oct 15, 2009

Every game is important...

...and every time we take an opponent for granted and not have every player 100% prepared to play our best, there are consequences. There's no such thing as "just another game" in college soccer.

Video from Juniata Sports

Oct 13, 2009

Think Pink!

Members of the team wore pink for Tuesday night's game in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Several players are involved in fundraising efforts for philanthropies as part of FSU's Homecoming week here on campus. The entire team will participate in April's Relay for Life event in the FSU stadium to raise money for cancer research.
In the game, 3 players scored twice in route to an 8-0 home win, our 7th in a row.

Oct 10, 2009

A Good Show for Friends and Family....

On soccer-parents night in our stadium, the players put on a show for their families scoring 3 times in the first 10 minutes on the way to another home shut-out and our 6th win in a row. Thank you to all the parents and family members who were able to make it today! The weather was cool but clear and it turned out be be a beautiful night for soccer! It was nice to see some of our alumni here as well. A challenging week for us coming up as we'll play 3 times in 5 days including another trip to the Buffalo/Niagara region...

Oct 6, 2009

A business-like approach

Every game we play is unique and different and presents a special challenge. We'll play at home and many hours away, in the rain, wind, and hot sun, and on surfaces from nice new turf to worn out grass and of course we'll experience different levels of play and athleticism and deal with our own fatigue and injury. Regardless of these various conditions, quality teams find a way to still play with the same energy, quality, and intensity in each and every contest and this is what we hope to learn throughout the season. Each game is just to valuable to waste and the most respectful thing we can do to an opponent is to take them seriously, come prepared, and play our best. Of course, regardless of the outcome, we always aspire to compete with class and with respect for our opponents.

Oct 4, 2009

It's a Big Country!

Our 5-hour trips to the teams in the top end of our conference in Buffalo are sometimes very difficult but they are also some of the most memorable for our players. Niagara Falls was beautiful on Saturday morning and fortunately, Lauren Russell took care of the business part of our trip scoring 4 goals and assisting a 5th in our game against Medialle.

Oct 2, 2009

2009 Media Guide

Our 2009 Media Guide is now available! You can e-mail Coach Parker to request a hard copy or check it out on our website here (it's a large pdf):

Also - some recent hometown press for our freshman forward Amanda Wharton:
Carroll County Times