A Journal of the FSU Women's Soccer Team in Frostburg, Maryland, USA


This is a journal of what's happening in the FSU Women's Soccer program at Frostburg State. Thanks for checking in and for your interest in FSU Women's Soccer!

Oct 29, 2009

Senior Profile- Kaleigh Herring

-Majoring in Exercise and Sport Science and will pursue Graduate School and wants to work for Gatorade
-Would love to eventually live in Colorado or Florida
-Favorite food is Maryland Blue Crabs (with lots of Old Bay)
-If she could, would like to have met John Lennon and Robert Kennedy. I feel as though the two of them had such a great impact on society then and now.
-Favorite Soccer Moment - It’s hard to narrow down but watching a girl sub herself into a game, to staying in the classiest hotel in Niagara Falls, to all the bus rides and stories shared, to all the championship games we’ve experienced; but if I had to pick one big event it would have to be our trip to Costa Rica.
-Most Rewarding thing about playing college soccer –probably the day my roommate and I received a personal letter from the President of our University telling us what an honor it was to have players like us representing the school. It was this letter that made me realize how respected we are as college athletes and students.
-Advice for future players at FSU - the best piece of advice I could give is to enjoy your time in college, live it up, and have fun. Never look back and have no regrets!