A Journal of the FSU Women's Soccer Team in Frostburg, Maryland, USA


This is a journal of what's happening in the FSU Women's Soccer program at Frostburg State. Thanks for checking in and for your interest in FSU Women's Soccer!

Jan 20, 2010

Setting the bar higher and higher

Our team won a championship and broke lots of records this year on the field - wins in a season, goals scored, best won-loss record, for example...but the most impressive thing our players did this year, they did off the field. The FSU women's soccer team just earned it's best-ever semester team GPA with a 3.36 average. 5 players earned perfect 4.0s, and 4 more were right there with 3.8's, or only one B. Overall, 20 players earned better than a 3.0...truly an awesome performance in the classroom.

I continue to be amazed and impressed at the quality and commitment of our players here at Frostburg...