A Journal of the FSU Women's Soccer Team in Frostburg, Maryland, USA


This is a journal of what's happening in the FSU Women's Soccer program at Frostburg State. Thanks for checking in and for your interest in FSU Women's Soccer!

Feb 10, 2020

Our Winter "Indoor" Season at FSU

Our Spring semester start is usually accompanied by some cold weather and so great to ski and snowboard!  It also means we just have to take our fun indoors!   We can play in a legitimate futsal league now with the new d2 playing rules but also do much more this time of year to serve the community.  Our players help with a Santa's Workshop in Frostburg City, run a Quidditch game for a Harry Potter Night for local kids, and do a soccer clinic for our Girls in Sports Day at FSU.   Great fun in our little college town of Frostburg!
Elf Team for the 2019 Frostburg Storybook Holiday

Quidditch Anyone?  For Harry Potter Night at FSU

Girls in Sports Day at FSU!

Our First real Futsal League Gameday was terrific.