A Journal of the FSU Women's Soccer Team in Frostburg, Maryland, USA


This is a journal of what's happening in the FSU Women's Soccer program at Frostburg State. Thanks for checking in and for your interest in FSU Women's Soccer!

Oct 6, 2009

A business-like approach

Every game we play is unique and different and presents a special challenge. We'll play at home and many hours away, in the rain, wind, and hot sun, and on surfaces from nice new turf to worn out grass and of course we'll experience different levels of play and athleticism and deal with our own fatigue and injury. Regardless of these various conditions, quality teams find a way to still play with the same energy, quality, and intensity in each and every contest and this is what we hope to learn throughout the season. Each game is just to valuable to waste and the most respectful thing we can do to an opponent is to take them seriously, come prepared, and play our best. Of course, regardless of the outcome, we always aspire to compete with class and with respect for our opponents.